Daily Overview

At From Roots to Wings we set our school age students up for success during the school day by offering a steady morning routine that includes a healthy breakfast, free play, and calming activities designed to prepare students for their day ahead.

When students return in the afternoon, free play as well as structured play-based activities are offered to get the wiggles out after a day spent in the classroom. During outdoor and indoor play, your child will take on physical challenges and develop habits for a healthy lifestyle.


During after school sessions, we provide dedicated time for your child to receive homework support. Our school-age classroom is stocked with school supplies and educational resources to support their homework completion.

Breaks & Summer Vacations

  • During breaks and summer vacations, we offer a summer program for school age children (5-12).
  • The days are filled with field trips to parks, zoos, museums, aquariums, overnights, etc.
  • The children are offered a wide range of activities varying from art projects, group games, cooking projects, gardening, etc. It also offers the children a summer of new experiences and educational memories.

To enroll your child, please visit our center for a tour, orientation, and Brightwheel enrollment instructions. 

Class Detail
  • Price Contact Office
  • Age7-12.5 years
  • Time6am-1am
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